Inline Solution for Masks – Herrmann Ultrasonic – Rototechnix


Dorey Converting Systems is partnering with Herrmann and Rototechnix to ofer an inline solution for the production of high volume masks.

Depending on your material, your pattern and your requirement, all 3 of us will help you deliver a finished product with the highest quality, overall speed and precision on the market


Ultrasonic sealing is the preferred technology for:

  • Surgical face mask (flat) with elastic threads, bands or extended fleece with ear cutout
  • Duck mask (“duck beak”) in diferent versions with vertical or horizontal fold, with or without breathing valve
  • 3D thermoformed blister mask – each with or without a welded-in injection valve

The material structure consisting of several layers is joined at various points by ultrasonic bonding to ensure shape and stability:

Technical solution surgical face mask:

For high volumes, the product is being manufactured on a high-speed system with two ultrasonic stations:

  • In the first station, the fold and the edging, including the nose clip and the pleat fixation are continuously bonded.
  • In the second station, after cutting and turning by 90%, the elastic threads or tapes are intermittently welded.

Configuration options surgical face mask:
The MICROBOND CSI system with diferent sonotrodes and engraved anvils is used in highspeed continuous lines. Welding takes place in two ultrasonic stations. The patented MicrogapControl technology ensures continuous, reproducible bonding quality and allows a production rate of up to 1000 products per minute.
For small quantities, a quick-change system of individual components can be used instead of the MICROBOND CSI system. It is also possible to use an intermittent manual workstation with a HiQ DIALOG welding machine.

  • Web rolls 1,2,3: Three layers of nonwoven material are unwinding (2 protective layers and 1 filter layer); more layers are feasible as well
  • Web roll 4: Nose-clip material (plastics or wire) is cut and fed in between NW material Ultrasonic station 1: Folding, fixing and welding of the longitudinal seams (including inserted nose clip material) as well as welding of the side seams; mask is then cut and rotated by 90°.
  • Web roll 5: Elastic material for ear loops is fed Ultrasonic station 2: Welding of elastic threads or straps onto mask; mask is then stacked and packed


Engraved hot stamping cylinders and anvils are necessary to work in cooperation with the sonotrode. Made in brass, they are tailored-made and have been integrated in Sysco’s machines already.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Rototechnix is now one of the market leader in rotary tools and stands out in particular in printing and cutting tools. The know-how and experience of its employees, combined with a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery, leads the company in constant quest for perfection. With the help of its customers, partners and major rotary machine manufacturers, Rototechnix has been able to develop new products over time and maintain its business. Its objective: to optimize its customers’ production by offering quality and performance.

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