Roll-to-Roll Large Scale Production of Li-Ion Cell Pouches

At DOREY Converting Systems, we lead the way in roll-to-roll large-scale production of L-Ion cell pouches. Our technology incorporates a unique interactive CCD vision system, ensuring precise alignment and inspection of each piece with 100% complete control. This advanced feature ensures that every cut is executed with utmost precision, meeting of your most demanding specifications.

Whether you need continuous processing or sheet cutting, our machine offers unmatched flexibility, suitable for widths ranging from 250 to 690mm. With our exclusive software, you have full control over precision and step modes, allowing seamless adjustment to your production requirements.

Precision is fundamental to our intelligent laser and rotary cutting technology. With positioning accuracy and synchronized cutting precision maintained to <0,1mm, we establish new benchmarks in the industry.

Engineered for seamless integration into your production line, our machine can accommodate single-pass processes like lasers, printers, inspection devices, and ultrasonic welding, streamlining your workflow and boosting efficiency.

From Small Scale to Mass Automated Production

Embarking on the journey from small-scale operations to mass automated production is a transformative step for any business. This guide outlines the strategic targets, comprehensive scope, and innovative cell production techniques essential for optimizing manufacturing processes.

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CELL PRODUCTIONSmall-scale, manuel, prototyping processPartially automated processFully automated and integrated process
SCOPEMaterial specifications & parameters
Effects of materials on the Electrode
Investigation and testing of process parameters
Process-cost function
Machine & process scale-up
External influences
Quality insurance
TARGETSelection of materials
Determine cell design components
Process/Machine selection
Cell design
Maximizing throughput, quality and reliability
Minimizing cost

Cell Manufacturing Line

The intricate steps of CELL MANUFACTURING LINE, where each phase, from ANODE to CATHODE, is meticulously designed to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in your production process.

Multi-layer Cutting & Lamination

Cutting / Punching / Notching / Laminating / Slitting / Cleaning / Inspection / … in one cycle.

How our Technology helps in Costs Savings ?

  • High speed and continuous processing for faster throughput
  • Cost reduction through optimization of manufacturing processes R2R or R2S
  • Reliable & Suitable for mass production
  • Automatic Variable Pitch control by software
  • Flexibility of parts design : Demands on the flexibility of the production lines are increasing, e.g., due to compatibility with several cell formats
  • Labor savings : Only one operator needed to run the machine
  • Material saving management
  • Innovation : We offer partnership for research and test on innovative process & material to develop

We’re committed to bringing your present and future projects to life. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a partnership that turns ambitious visions into reality. Contact us to build the future together.

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