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Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers use industrial rotary die-cutting and laminating machines on a daily basis to mass-produce a wide range of components and parts, such as body masking parts, polyester linings, double-sided die-cuts for emblems and mirrors, and a multitude of customized adhesive parts such as adhesive films for vehicle surface protection, foam parts to eliminate squeaks and rattles, and thermal management parts.

The automotive industry is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve productivity. This concerns both the materials they use and their industrial processes. As a leading supplier of rotary die-cutting and laminating solutions, as well as laser cutting solutions, Dorey Converting Systems brings its expertise to bear on your challenges, both in the design of your products from your own materials, and in your quest for top-level productivity.


Our Solution

Dorey Converting Systems’ rotary die-cutting and multilayer lamination machines enable continuous, reliable mass production of your simple or complex automotive components and parts. They are capable of achieving the highest tolerance levels (up to +/- 25 µm) of your most demanding specifications.

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Complementary solutions in the ongoing quest for productivity in the automotive sector:


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