Renewable Energies


Renewable energies are energy sources that regenerate naturally over time, eliminating the planet-damaging effects of fossil fuels. They are clean energies that protect human health and the environment.

The main sources of renewable energy are solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass and marine. Hydropower is currently the largest source of renewable energy in the electricity sector.

Hydrogen will play a key role in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, particularly in the industrial and mobility sectors. Hydrogen fuel cells using proton exchange membranes (PEMs) already exist, and hydrogen-powered electric buses are already on the road. Electricity is produced in real time on board the vehicle thanks to a hydrogen fuel cell.

At Dorey Converting Systems, we are proud to share our expertise with professionals in the renewable energy industry in the transformation of flexible materials dedicated to new products that will contribute to a greener, better world.



Our Solution

Dorey Converting Systems’ rotary die-cutting and multi-layer lamination machines enable continuous, reliable mass converting of your materials for renewable energies. They are capable of achieving the highest tolerance levels (up to +/- 25µm) for your most demanding specifications.

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Complementary solutions in the ongoing search for productivity in the Renewable Energies sector:

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