Product Development

At Dorey Converting Systems, our engineers and staff work closely with your team to design solutions for your manufacturing processes and products. Our goal is adding value for you now and in the future.

What’s product development?

Our team is constantly driven by the desire to demonstrate its skills in the various industries we serve. We combine first-rate workmanship with innovative and original thinking.

The idea of reinventing the wheel and exploring new and innovative solutions to problems doesn’t scare us. That’s exactly what you can expect from a long-term partner!

How does Dorey Converting Systems help with product development?

Dorey Converting Systems can intervene at any stage of the process, as early as you wish. With passionate engineers and technicians, we are ready to support you in product development, from initial design to final commissioning.

We bring your ideas to life.

Maybe that means you’re an engineering firm that’s never manufactured anything before, but you’ve designed a new product, and you’re wondering how to make it. The Dorey Converting Systems team steps in to assist in the engineering process and develop the product, assisting prior to and during manufacturing.

We help you scale production.

Or maybe you have a prototype, and you’ve sold your first products. Now, you’re ready to scale production and sell a lot more. From prototype to production, our team can assist.


Dorey Converting Systems is committed to adding value to our clients by providing the solutions you need for product development.

Innovation meets excellence

Imagine a team of passionate experts fusing innovation and excellence to serve a company. Their bold creativity and commitment to quality give rise to innovative solutions, transforming challenges into concrete opportunities. Together, they become the architects of a future where innovation propels the company to new heights, redefining industry standards with excellence.

Services we provide

We are an extension of your engineering team!

We study your current process of manufacturing, so we can add value for the present and the future. Whether it is during the design phase of the machine configuration or after the installation of your equipment, our team works very closely with your engineers to help you design the best solutions and get the most from your equipment.


Our success is based on ensuring that every one of our customers is fully aware of the capabilities of our rotary die-cutting machines. This is the key to our success. That’s why we make sure you get the best possible training while the machine is in production in our showrooms, during factory acceptance testing and, of course, on your premises.

We have various engineers in Europe who specialize in rotary die-cutting projects, so you can be sure of benefiting from a wide range of solutions and knowledge.


Dorey Converting Systems has a team of technicians and engineers to serve our customers faster and more efficiently. All our rotary die-cutting machines are accessible via remote assistance, from anywhere.


The Dorey Converting Systems team is made up of highly qualified, forward-thinking engineers.
From R&D and testing to quality assurance and delivery, we work as a team to ensure your satisfaction.

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