Manufacture your single or multi-layers products in one ROLL to ROLL SINGLE RUN with the most extreme precision on the market for your most demanding products.

Over the last few decades, Dorey Converting Systems has developed, in close collaboration with converters, manufacturers of high-tech parts or technical labels, a recognized expertise in the design of Roll-to-Roll machines adapted to the requirements of their markets. We learn, adapt and customize our solutions and services to support every customer.

Rotary Die Cutting Machine
The label mode is a key function that has been developed and mastered
for many years to help save material
while adjusting the placement position on a support strip.
Controlling belt tension is essential for precise positioning.
Camera-synchronized cutting
CCD cameras, seamlessly integrated into the software, capture images in real time
to accurately measure the positions of precise markers and provide
essential data for automatic adjustments.
Enhanced safety with light curtains
Light curtains offer advanced protection for machine operators.
Thanks to optical sensors, they create virtual detection zones, interrupting
machine operation in the event of unauthorized crossing.
Fully integrated lasers stations of all types working "on the fly" (CO2, Fiber, femtosecond, ...)
Synchronized cutting for speed & accuracy
Ablation and through cut capabilities
Integration of any major laser manufacturer


No need to have several machines to carry out different processes, the intelligent laser and rotary cutting machine switches easily from one job to another:

  • Different materials: Perform several types of laminations and cut-outs with different types of materials (foam, plastic, paper, metal, hydrogel, fiber, non-woven textile) on the same day, with the same machine.
  •  Different thicknesses: Easily switch from very thin and fragile materials to more traditional or thicker ones.
  • Different industries: Whether you’re making a product for the aerospace industry, an item for the automotive industry or a medical patch that requires several layers, the machine provides the versatility you need for your markets – all on the same machine, in the same day.


At the heart of cutting-edge engineering and mass production lies the rotary die-cutting machine: a marvel of mechanical and digital precision, enabling the tightest tolerances to be achieved.

What’s more, the machine’s control software incorporates CCD cameras that enable on-line measurements to be taken using parameters entered by the user.

The unique software integration enables precise measurement and provides continuous feedback for automatic adjustment and precision at the highest level.


Reliability has become a key factor in the choice of a machine.

To avoid high costs linked to production and maintenance stoppages, all components used in our equipment have been carefully selected, with suppliers recognized worldwide in the industrial sector.

Each machine will have a lifespan of several decades, in compliance with construction standards such as CE, UL, CAS, etc.


High-Tech Solution

In the industrial world, ever-more demanding production challenges require ever-more adapted needs. To cope with this constant evolution, we integrate latest-generation servomotors, lasers of all types working “on the fly” (CO2, Fiber, femtosecond, nanosecond, …), high-resolution inspection cameras, inkjet or laser printers, control systems for RFID (UHF NFC), all while remaining connected to the world of 4.0.

The MACHINE SOLUTION supplied by Dorey Converting Systems is more than a machine, it’s a high-tech tool for all your converting and market expansion needs.


  • Unique control software for complete device integration, fast and efficient communication between work areas, and synchronized positioning accuracy down to a few micrometers for the most complex, high-value-added products.
  • Servomotor-controlled top and bottom unwind/rewind, on a slide rail system, or simply fixed.
  • Cutting speeds up to a maximum of 56 m/minute with tools for our standard products or on request.
  • Laser integration on request, or for specific product requirements that cannot be met by tools.
  • Closed-loop tension management with integrated sensors on all our unwinders/rewinders. (voltage ranges according to customer requirements)
  • Configurable from 3 stations; widths from 10″ (250 mm) to 30″ 750 mm.
  • Stations equipped with independently controlled servomotors. They can be used for cutting, laminating. Strictest tolerances in the industry.
  • Operator console with touch-screen option.
  • Dedicated process CCD cameras fully integrated with our control software for accurate recording of your requirements.
  • CE quality.



  • Amount of equipment needed in your facility.
  • Manufacturing floor footprint.
  • Waste.


  • Money – The all-in-one machine requires fewer operators, less floor space, and less maintenance.
  • Downtime – Fewer breakdowns mean less time lost from malfunctioning equipment.

We offer our expertise to serve your most ambitious projects!

The rapid development of new materials, and consumers’ sustained expectations for higher quality products, make it difficult for processors or manufacturers to find the right partner to meet these emerging challenges. As a machine supplier, we have a responsibility not only to focus on improving or upgrading parts and components, but also to adopt a resolutely forward-looking perspective.

MULTI-LAYERS Roll-to-roll or Roll-to-sheet

The manufacture of complex, high-value multilayer products is our specialty.  Dorey Converting Systems has many years’ experience in handling complex materials and integrating various devices to manufacture a complete product in a single pass to maximize productivity. Technology and materials are evolving rapidly, and the manufacture of electronics, batteries and medical parts calls for the most demanding materials to a strict specification.

MATERIAL SAVINGS with label mode

Label mode is an essential function that has been developed and mastered over many years to save material while adjusting the placement position on a support web (pitch). Controlling belt tension is essential for precise positioning.

CUT-TO-PRINT CCD camera vision System

The CCD cameras are fully integrated into the software and are triggered according to parameters entered by the user in the program. This enables precise measurement, which provides information for automatic adjustments. No more need for many different types of sensor (photoelectric, ultrasonic, fiber optic, laser, etc.) to detect registration marks (printed marks, cutting marks, pinholes, etc.). Cutting will be perfectly synchronized with the printed matter.

They are using our machine everydays !


The Dorey Converting Systems team is made up of highly qualified, forward-thinking engineers.
From R&D and testing to quality assurance and delivery, we work as a team to ensure your satisfaction.