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Rotary Die Cutting, Laminating and Laser Cutting Solutions for the Most Challenging Applications

Think Versatility. Precision and Flexibility.

The Intelligent Laser and Rotary Cutting Machine from Dorey Converting Systems — driven by a servomotor — is the solution for roll-to-roll production that integrates other devices well –  fiber laser, CO2… inline inspection devices, flexo printers and more.

It’s maximum versatility. One machine. Multiple products. With flexibility to bounce from project to project and still maintain industry leading accuracy in the converting process.

Whether your company’s been converting for years or you’re new in the market with an idea that’s just coming to life, the Intelligent Laser and Rotary Cutting Machine from Dorey Converting Systems is the only converting system you’ll ever need.

Intelligent Laser and Rotary Cutting Solutions

We provide solutions at Dorey Converting Systems. As a long-term partner and extension of your engineering team, we’re here to help you improve your products.

Here are a few scenarios you may find yourself in:

  • You’ve come up with a new product design and conception for how to manufacture it. We work with you to bring it to life.
  • You have a prototype and the first products sold. It’s time to scale production and sell a million more. Our team can support you from prototype to production.
  • You’re looking for the fastest, easiest process that doesn’t shortcut on accuracy, making your product more profitable as you ramp up production to meet the high demand. Our team can get you there.

Today’s industries and markets are evolving rapidly. To get you the solutions you need in a changing marketplace, we tailor our services and rotary die cutting equipment to evolve with it.

Operator on a rotary die cutting machine

Think of us as an extension of your engineering team.

We provide global solutions at Dorey Converting Systems. Experience has taught us that today's industries and markets are rapidly evolving. We’ve learned to tailor our services and equipments to help each customer evolve with us.

Our team works closely with your engineers to design the best manufacturing solutions for your products and processes, adding value for now and for the future.

Because we can access your intelligent laser and rotary cutting machine remotely from any location, our engineers and technicians can easily collaborate with your team to efficiently resolve any technical difficulties.


We work hand-in-hand with you to assist you with testing and prototyping as you prepare to take your concept from prototype to mass production.

Training is a priority. We make sure your team receives the best machine operator training while the machine is in production in our testing center, during factory acceptance tests, and at your facility.

Industries we serve

Our team works closely with partners in a wide variety of industries.

Learn more about our efforts in the automotive industry

We work closely with partners in the electronics industry to deliver superior results

Learn more about how we work closely with the renewable energy industry

No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re looking for a long-term partner/supplier for all your rotary die cutting, laminating and laser cutting needs, we have a solution for you!

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