Converting of Flexible Materials


The main flexible materials on rolls are fabric, foam, paper, plastic film, rubber, adhesive and very thin metal. Graphene is often considered one of the world’s most flexible and durable materials.

Converting refers to any transformation of these flexible materials; a roll or sheet of these materials is processed and functionally converted into finished parts.

Converter is a company specializing in the transformation of flexible materials. It has developed expertise in managing the transformation process of these materials, often in roll form, right through to the finished part. It regularly invests in state-of-the-art equipment to meet its customers’ specifications, ranging from a basic application such as cutting a single-layer material, to the most complex application involving several layers of material and requiring some of the highest levels of precision in lamination and cutting.


Our Solution

Dorey Converting Systems’ rotary die-cutting and multilayer lamination machines enable continuous, reliable mass production of your die-cut parts, from the simplest to the most complex (multilayer). They are capable of achieving the highest tolerance levels (up to +/- 25µm) of your most demanding specifications.

For the manufacture of simple parts, e.g. for cutting a single layer of material, or for cutting laminated material with double-sided adhesive, Dorey Converting Systems offers you the possibility of choosing between a rotary die-cutting solution or a flat die-cutting solution (press), depending on the budget allocated to your future acquisition.

Our Capabilities


Complementary solutions in the ongoing quest for productivity in the flexible materials processing sector :

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