Monitoring patches


In the medical field, the trend of remote patient monitoring is confirmed.

The Monitoring patch, also called Smart patch, is a medical monitoring device, which is capturing vital functions measurements to help detect early warning signs of serious health concern.  Parameters measured may be heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation pressure, temperature, pH, posture or activity.

The Monitoring patch contains a chip which collects a signal which is automatically transferred to a cloud platform for analysis and interpretation.

The most well-known and widespread Smart patch is CGM patch (Continuous Glucose Minotoring) with 100 million units sold in 2021 worldwide. Another Smart patch, named ECG patch (Electro Cardio Gram) was launched for the detection of heart rhythm troubles.



Our Solution

Dorey Converting Systems’ rotary die-cutting and multilayer lamination machines enable continuous, reliable mass production of your multilayer medical patches. They are capable of achieving the highest tolerance levels (up to +/- 25µm) of your most demanding specifications.

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Complementary solutions in the ongoing quest for productivity in the monitoring patch sector :

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