Miniaturized Energy Generators


Biopiles, micro-batteries and photovoltaic cells represent alternative technologies to traditional single-use batteries.

They can be recharged from an alternative energy source, such as solar power for outdoor appliances, or contact power for portable devices. Discharge is very slow when the device is on standby.

These alternative technologies are increasingly being integrated into low-energy electronic devices. These are miniaturized energy generators.

The promising future of biopiles. They are made up of 100% natural components. Recent developments, notably in glucose-based or enzymatic biopiles, are leading to initial applications in the medical field, and point to promising growth prospects in other areas.



Our Solution

Dorey Converting Systems’ rotary die-cutting and multilayer lamination machines enable continuous, reliable mass production of your biopiles, micro-batteries and photovoltaic cells. They are capable of achieving the highest tolerance levels (up to +/- 25µm) of your most demanding specifications.


Our Capabilities


Complementary solutions in the ongoing quest for productivity in the miniaturized power generator sector :

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