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70 years of excellence in industrial adhesives

At Adhex, they nurture a unique, optimistic and daring corporate culture thanks to their international presence, constant R&D and strong values.

Their business and technologies

With their expertly designed adhesive tapes, they innovate for the automotive, industrial and healthcare sectors.

Whether visible or discreet, adhesives are omnipresent in everyday life. At Adhex, their talent lies in their ability to master the manipulation of materials and chemistry to develop irreproachable solutions for their customers. Their specialty is coating, the meticulous process of applying a few microns of adhesive uniformly to a substrate. They don’t limit themselves to adhesives in roll form; they also design customized parts, shaped to specific requirements. Thanks to cutting, printing, thermoforming and laminating, their expertise in conversion technologies enables them to create a wide range of functional parts, from medical diagnostics to hydrogen fuel cells and anti-vibration parts for vehicles. To achieve this, Adhex relies on an ultra-modern fleet of over 60 multi-capacity processing machines at its plants around the world.

Their international teams share common values :

  • Technical creativity: they like to develop new solutions and push back the boundaries of what is possible.
  • Customer satisfaction: their ambition is to serve the most demanding customers, and they are totally committed to living up to the trust placed in them.
  • Stubbornness: they know from experience that in the technical field, achieving concrete results requires courage, determination and perseverance.
  • Team spirit: individual talents combined with collective intelligence are the key to success.
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