Bruno comes from central France, land of cheese and volcanoes. Trained as an automation engineer, his eclectic background in the technical industry has given him an unparalleled experience in automatic cutting projects. When he is not glued in front of a machine, he spends time restoring his house, learning to cook and training to become the worst pétanque (bacci) player in the Drôme region. He is currently thinking about how to live healthier on this planet that is far too dirty.

Photo de Bruno Roubeaud

Did You Know?

His diplomas:


His favorite hobby or activity:

Listening to music, family games, etc.

His mentor or favorite celebrity:

ASTERIX! I read and reread these comics without counting, so many laughs!

Country or City he likes the most:

the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and its waves

Languages he speaks:

French / English

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