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Tag&Play® is a brand of Impressions Modernes, a pioneer in the use of NFC, RFID and QR Code technologies. Bringing together innovations to make objects connected through the use of these technologies, Tag&Play® is a major player in the production of “contactless” media. Their integration of NFC, UHF tags and QR codes on labels meets a variety of needs in communication, logistics, product traceability and authentication.

Their simplified integration of these technologies on all communication media enables you to connect and manage your products for a variety of applications, including communication and marketing, events, point-of-sale animations, brochures, POS, signage, business cards and invitations.

With their user-friendly tag management platform, you can create, remotely control in real time, add digital content, analyze and manage all your NFC tags and QR codes linked to your products. Don’t wait any longer; discover the solution that’s right for you with Tag&Play®.

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