Nearly 40 years of experience

As a leader in the rotary tool market, Rototechnix has distinguished itself by its ability to optimize its customers’ production tools for almost 40 years. Combining quality and productivity, our engineers and technicians put their know-how at the service of their partners to meet their individual needs. At the service of excellence.

Their know-how transforms the rotary tool manufacturing process into a goldsmith’s workshop. All their products are cut from the mass and finished by hand in their Chessy workshops.

Year after year, Rototechnix has developed a perfect mastery of high-precision solid cutting cylinders, ensuring :

  • Unrivalled cutting quality, perfectly adapted to the most fluid adhesive materials
  • Extreme cutting precision, even at very high speeds. No liner marking…
  • Perfect adaptation to all kinds of materials: from the thickest to the thinnest substrates, including multi-layer products
  • Longer service life, enabling cutting costs to be managed and non-conformities to be significantly reduced.

Their cutting cylinders are through-hardened, available with different levels of hardness, with or without coating depending on requirements (higher resistance to abrasive materials, longer service life, food or pharmaceutical compatibility).


  • Cutting
  • Printing
  • Accessories
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